2017 Summer School on Cyber & Computer Security


The 6th Technion Summer School on Cyber and Computer Security

Decentralized Cryptographic Currencies and Blockchains

10-14, September 2017, Computer Science Department, Technion

Chairs: Eli Ben-Sasson + Eli Biham

Bitcoin is the first decentralized crypto-currency to gain significant public trust and usage. The long-term survival of Bitcoin, or even any decentralized crypto-currency, is debatable, but the genie that Bitcoin unleashed is likely to remain. For Bitcoin has shown for the first time in human history, that a combination of cryptographic and distributed protocols executed over a decentralized network consisting of anonymous nodes, could give rise to a societal function that, thus far, has required reliance on a Central Trusted Party (CTP). In the case of Bitcoin, this societal function is Fiat Money, i.e., Money whose supply is limited by decision and consensus, rather than by physical scarcity (Fiat, in Latin, means “it shall be”). By now Bitcoin has led to hundreds of sibling coins and scores of startup companies that are working to improve and extend different aspects of Bitcoin such as better consensus protocols, new financial capabilities, improved privacy and stability, to name a few.
Bitcoin’s core protocols and capabilities strongly rely on cryptographic tools, such as digital signatures (for maintaining fund-ownership), moderately hard cryptographic puzzles (for mining and reaching consensus) and, in newer crypto-currencies, zero knowledge proofs (to enhance privacy and fungibility).
The topic of this summer school will thus be to expose participants to the cryptographic tools, challenges and progress in this exciting field.

Confirmed Speakers:

Prof. Eli Ben-Sasson – Technion
Vitalik Buterin – Ethereum, Chief Scientist; Foundation President
Prof. Joseph Bonneau – New York University
Prof. Ittay Eyal – Technion
Prof. Rafael Pass – Cornell University
Peter Van Valkenburgh, J.D. – Coin Center, Director of Research
Zooko Wilcox O’Hearn – ZCash, Founder and CEO
Prof. Aviv Zohar – Hebrew University

Tentative List of Topics:

Bitcoin, Ethereum and ZCash — overview
Blockchain Scalability and Stability
Game theory, economic incentives
Zero knowledge proofs — applications to crypto-currencies
Legal and regulatroy aspects of crypto-currencies


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