Research Highlights


security vulnerability in Microsoft Cortana (2018)
Silence (2018)
Towards a Memristive Hardware Secure HashFunction (MemHash) (2017)
Using Scan Side Channel to Detect IP Theft (2017)
WatchIT: WhoWatches Your IT Guy? (2017)
Formal Black-Box Analysis of Routing Protocol Implementations (2017)
Understanding The Security of Discrete GPUs (2017)
Eleos: ExitLess OS Services for SGX Enclaves (2017)
Vulnerabilities in modern computers leak passwords and sensitive data (2018)
Preserving hidden data with an ever-changing disk (2017)
DAMN: overhead-free IOMMU protection for networking (2015)
Securing Self-Virtualizing Ethernet Devices (2015)
Cryptanalysis of GSM cellular encryption (2003)