2020 Summer School on Cyber & Computer Security

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The 8th Technion Summer School on Cyber and Computer Security

 Privacy in Challenging Times

7-10 September 2020

Chairs: Eli Biham and Orr Dunkelman


Privacy is a complicated and elusive thing. It is a culturally-dependent concept, that speaks differently to different people. Yet, we are affected by the lack of it, even if we are unaware of it. Since we live in the age of big data analytics and mass surveillance, many believe that “Privacy is dead”.
Fortunately, the rumors of its death have been greatly exaggerated. Contemporary research in privacy and security offers a lot of privacy solutions that seem like science fiction: from privacy-preserving machine learning to privacy-preserving contact tracing. From differential privacy that offers mathematical guarantees that one can distribute databases in manners that protect privacy to widely deployed anonymous communication systems such as Tor and Mixnets.

In this summer school we gathered leading experts on privacy and privacy research to speak about various contemporary aspects related to privacy in our era. The focus will be on Corona contract tracing, differential privacy, anonymous communication systems, and privacy preserving machine learning. The summer school will address the topic of privacy from its different angels; technical, economics, ethics, and regulations.

Confirmed Speakers:

Keynote Speaker: Ross Anderson, University of Cambridge, UK
Keynote Speaker Ann Cavoukian, Global Privacy & Security by Design Centre, Canada
Keynote Speaker: Susan Landau, Tufts University, USA

Alessandro Acquisti , Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Michael Birnhack, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Sofia Celi, Cloudflare Inc, UK
Kamalika Chaudhuri, University of California, USA
Claudia Diaz, KU Leuven, Belgium
Ran Gilad-Bachrach, Tel Aviv University
Mathias Humbert, Cyber-Defence Campus, armasuisse S+T, Switzerland
Karine Nahon, IDC, Israel
Kobbi Nissim, Georgetown University, USA
Paul Syverson, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, USA
Vanessa Teague, Thinking Cybersecurity and the Australian National University, Australia
Carmela Troncoso, EPFL, Switzerland
Serge Vaudenay, EPFL, Switzerland

Confirmed Panelists:
Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler, The Israel Democracy Institute
Eyal Ronen, Tel Aviv University
Carmela Troncoso, EPFL
Léo Perrin, INRIA
Tal Zarsky, University of Haifa
Jules Polonetsky, The Future of Privacy Forum
Yoram Hacohen, Israel Internet Association ISOC-IL
Ultan X. O’Carroll, Ireland Deputy Commissioner for Technology and Operational Performance

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All talks will be in English