Hardware Security 15.04.2018

Speaker: Avi Mendelson
Time: Sunday, 15/04/2018, 09:30
Place: Taub 601

Title: Software and Hardware Based Approached for Fine Grain Memory Protection

Future servers are expected to have huge amount of volatile and nonvolatile main memory that can be directly accessed by the processors. Managing such a memory hierarchy is a major concern of computer and of hardware security architects.
Thus, while computer architects are aiming at increasing the page and region size, which is being controlled by a single entry at of the TLB (e.g., 1G page size), hardware security architects aims at protecting variable size of regions, starting at few bytes and up to Tera-bytes.
At the first part of my talk, I will focus on software and hardware proposals, starting at segmentation and MPX technologies Intel propose, and up to SW based solutions such as Java and M-system propose.
The second part of my talk will be devoted to capability-based solutions, such as the Cheri project, which was developed by the University of Cambridge, that offers to extend the ISA in order to support variable size memory regions.
I will conclude with an open discussion on the applicability of these technologies to the industry and the open research topics we hope to handle in the near future.


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