Eyal Ronen

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Short Bio:

I’m a faculty member at Tel Aviv University’s School of Computer Science. My research interests are in cybersecurity and applied cryptography. I am interested in analyzing and designing real-world implementations of cryptographic and security protocols and primitives (both in software and in hardware). In particular, my research spans side-channel attacks (e.g., power analysis and cache attacks), cryptographic protocols (e.g., TLS and WPA3), cryptanalysis of cryptographic primitives (e.g., AES), IoT security, and password-based authentication.

I completed my Ph.D. at the Weizmann Institute of Science, where I was fortunate to have Prof. Adi Shamir as my advisor. I was then a postdoctoral researcher at Tel Aviv University’s School of Computer Science and KU Leuven’s COSIC research group hosted by Bart Preneel.