Differential privacy: Why, How, and Where to?

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Title: Differential privacy: Why, How, and Where to?

Speaker: Kobbi Nissim, Georgetown University, USA

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Date: September 09, Wednesday
Time: 14:40 – 16:40 (Israel, UTC+03:00)
12:40 – 14:40 (UK, UTC+01:00)
07:40 – 09:40 (EDT, UTC-04:00)
22:40 – 00:40 (AEST, UTC+10:00) – September 10

Abstract: Differential privacy is a strong formal definition of privacy in the context of data analysis. Today, fourteen years after its introduction in 2006, differential privacy enjoys a deep theory, rich algorithmic toolkit, and significant first real-life implementations. We will discuss the background for the emergence of differential privacy, review properties of the definition and explain its semantics, introduce basic building blocks of differentially private analyses, mention real-life implementations, and conclude with issues that can affect its wide acceptance.

For the talk slides please click here